An Illinois native, Jason began his creative journey seven years ago as a broadcast journalist. Now a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Jason strives to share his creative talents with the world.

Jason’s time spent in Chicago allowed him to collaborate with other aspiring artists in pursuit of a singular creative vision. He also recently interned with several production companies in the greater St. Louis area including Switzerfilm and Coolfire Studios where he learned the importance of working hard, following professional practices, and establishing a brand.

Over the last year, Jason has developed his creative skills by taking an interest in motion graphics, believing that his creative toolbox always holds room for improvement. First and foremost though, Jason is an editor that prides himself on both patience and organization while maintaining a keen eye for storytelling. His knowledge of sound and its importance in digital media also allows him to explore even greater creative possibilities.

Creativity, he believes, is about recognizing the details and using the right skills to make those details shine.